The Product

Highly Absorbent with Both Oil and Water

Wrench Rags are durable, multipurpose rags specifically designed for the toughest shop jobs. Their multilayer structure contains polypropylene and wood pulp for optimum absorption.

Polypropylene, the same material used to clean up the gulf oil spill, provides excellent absorbency for oil and grease while the wood pulp soaks up water, solvents and other liquids quickly.

Superior, Dependable Performance

Traditional shop towels can vary in size, shape and material. The inconsistency makes performance unpredictable. With Wrench Rags, you get the same excellent absorbency and strength with each use.

And you have a new, clean towel every time!

Convenient Size and Shape

Each Wrench Rag is 11″ X 12″ providing for a larger surface area and extended absorbency. Wrench Rags come on a perforated roll allowing for single or multi-rag use, so you can pick the size of rag based on the job. And no mess is too dirty!